Eagle 100

This economical and versatile strapping machine provides 110 pounds of tension and is adjustable for strap widths from 5mm to 5/8″. A non-contact tension detector yields longer life and an adjustable cooling timer improves seal quality for more elastic loads.

  • No fuses – all circuit breakers
  • Up to 50% less sealing head parts than competitive units
  • Instant heat design
  • Single piece, vibration resistant, heater bar
  • Adjustable “cool time” for applications requiring more time to solidify
  • Non-contact tension detector for longer life
  • Energy-savings, automatic motor shutdown
  • Tool kit with spare parts
  • LS1 limit switch (senses strap inserted by operator) is mounted outside the sealing head for easy inspection and adjustment. Most competitive units still have theirs under the sealing plate in back of the head