The durable, heavy duty Rena Envelope Imager 3.0 address printer has a secret compartment – now that is cool.  The secret to great print quality is proper maintenance of print heads, and the special compartment integrated below the material hopper is designed to store and seal up to eight (8) inkjet cartridges.  We have also completely redesigned the firmware architecture in the Rena Envelope Imager 3.0 envelope printer with new features like Print Enhancement, Intelligent Pause Control, Electronic Thickness Control, Advanced Macro Management and a host of other improvements make the new Rena Envelope Imager 3.0 address printer the machine to beat.

  • 3″ of Print From Two Print Modules
  • 34,000 Postcards/hr
  • Cartridge Capping Station
  • Electronic Thickness Control (3/8″)
  • Clutch-Control Integrated Feeder
  • High Speed USB 2.0 Port