The Secap FR270 address printer feeder is an exceptional heavy-duty feeder that can be added to Secap printers or a Secap Jet 1 Tabber to increase the productivity of the workstation.  The Secap FR270 is compact, fast and simple to set up and use.  It can be integrated through the use of a cable or can be used standalone in a continuous mode.  The Secap FR270 envelope printer feeder comes equipped with a reliable product separator, stepper motor drive for maximum reliability, and dynamic braking.

It is capable of processing up to 54,000 mail pieces per hour.  There is a 24” capacity media hopper with simple two-knob width adjustment.  This feeder is ideal for connecting to address printers, jumbo format inserters and tabbing/labeling equipment for increasing the throughput and reducing the manual intervention associated with running any sized mailing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable and efficient product separator
  • Variable angle feed belts
  • Selector switch quickly changes from an integrated mode to a continuous mode
  • Operator safety guards over discharge and feed belts
  • High capacity 24″ hopper with two-knob width adjustment
  • Top load and bottom feed design
  • Simple to use and configure for a variety of different applications
  • Flexible, wide range of media and variable speed settings