Mailone 2.0 MailOne 2.0 & PostBase Bundle

Say hello to FP’s bundle of mailing joy. combines into a compact package the sleek PostBase postage meter with a Windows tablet running powerful MailOne 2.0 software and a dedicated label printer, giving small businesses a complete postage solution for packages and letters.


PostBase Postage Meter

PostBase is FP’s award-winning mailing system that makes printing postage smooth and efficient.

  • Speed from 30-85 letters/min
  • Scale from 5-15lbs
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Optional auto-feed & seal

10.8” Tablet with MailOne 2.0 Software

We’ve installed MailOne 2.0 software on a sleek Dell tablet to supercharge your mail processing and give you important USPS shipping discounts.