Mercure 720 Series Automatic Envelope Sealers

The Mercure 720 Series Automatic Envelope Sealers are the practical, economical way to seal your envelopes; hands free!

Combat bottle necks and extra wear and tear on mailroom equipment used just for sealing. Or, if you are currently sealing envelopes manually, now you can avoid this messy, time-consuming task. With Mercure’s Model 720 fully automatic sealers, you just load the envelopes and go! Seal your mail and get it out the door, fast – up to 300 envelopes per minute.

The 720 handles all usual envelope sizes and flaps and automatically adjusts to handle envelopes of different thicknesses for higher productivity. So quiet and easy to use, the Model 720 Sealers require no special tools or training, so anyone in the office can use it. Contents stay confidential being sealed at the source. The 720 Sealer offers high performance with its self-cleaning moistening system. Water is fed from a large transparent reservoir alleviating calcification build up. This is extremely efficient in contrast to machines with a wick, felt strip bristle or slit, all of which dry up easily and become blocked resulting in unsealed envelopes. The Mercure sealers offer practical, modern convenience as well as improved productivity and performance at an affordable price.

Integrated Auto-Start/Stop (IR) Models.
Both hands are free for the feeding of envelope-piles. No idling run – no wearing.