T-350 Dual Tabber

The Rena T-350 Dual Tabber machine is ready for work, lots of work.  Work that takes its 18,000 pieces per hour throughout speed seriously and makes the Rena T-350 prove itself everyday.  This is one hard-working tabber that will pay back the investment quickly and effortlessly.  The investment is very reasonable and the Rena T-350 is feature-rich, easy to use dual tabber machine that offers class-leading precision and functionality with the legendary quality that only RENA offers.

The high capacity hopper hold over 300 tri-fold mailers for fewer interruptions.  The feed hopper assembly can be removed, changing the Rena T-350 from an off-line tabber to an in-line unit, complete with input guides and transport rollers.  The most intriguing feature is the Sprocket Tab Drive System the Rena T-350 employs.  This design uses 100% mechanical action to place and advance the tabs.  The tabs are driven from our innovative center drive sprockets.  The integrated sprocket/peel-bar assemblies are adjustable, even while tabs are loaded; so fine-tuning tab placement is incredibly easy.  The fanfolded strips are easy to handle and load, with none of the complex threading of roll tabs.  The new Rena T-350 from RENA Systems brings high quality and affordability together, the way only RENA can.  It is built here in the U.S. (manufactured, not just assembled) by skilled craftsmen.  It is quality you can see and feel as the Rena

T-350 clicks away at 18,000 pieces per hour.