T-650 tabber

Innovation is the story with the Rena T-650 tabber.  It is quite simply the most technologically advanced tabletop tabbing system we’ve ever offered. In fact, the Rena T-650 tabber machine can do something that no other tabletop tabbing system on the market can do – apply tabs to the top and side of a mail piece simultaneously.  Even more impressive, it can apply tabs on opposite sides of the same piece (side-to-side tabbing) in a single pass!  The ingenious design for the Rena T-650 is really two tabbers in one.

The one fixed tab head applies side tabs along an open edge while the repositionable tab head is able to switch from side tabbing to front (or leading edge) tabbing.  This versatile design also allows the Rena T-650 to apply stamps, small labels and flat tabs for gate-folded pieces.  This really is one machine that can do it all.  The Rena T-650 applies clear, translucent or paper tabs with ease in a variety of tab sizes, including the new 1.5” tabs for letter-size booklets.  Now, side-to-side booklet tabbing is no longer a difficult task requiring multiple passes or machines.  Weather side-to-side tabbing or stamp affixing, the Rena T-650 multi-side tabber/stamp affixer will make your job easier, more productive, profitable and efficient.  Its heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction will guarantee you years of reliable, high performance use.