TB-690 S1 Dryer Conveyor

The Rena TB-690 address printer Dryer Conveyor delivers true-coated stock performance.  Designed to handle glossy and coated stocks at high speed, the available infrared drying units offer nearly twice the heat output of similar models.  This aids drying on hard to print materials.  The integrated material control device uses large diameter roller bearings to keep slick postcards in control on the fly.  The standard shingle attachment keeps everything in order, while the optional drop tray can accommodate a wide array of media.

The belt direction is also reversible, adapting to your particular needs – now that is smart.  It is a safe & reliable drying solution.  The Rena TB-690 envelope printer conveyor runs from a standard 110V outlet – no need to rewire your production facility, even when outfitted with an IR dryer.  The drying unit only runs with the conveyor and shuts down when the conveyor is turned off.  The drying unit also has a separate power control so the Rena TB-690 can be used with it on or off and the heat lamps have a protective mesh to prevent contact with materials or hands.