TBS-1/TBS-1.5 Tabbers

Applying tabs is now fast, neat and super easy!  Excellent for businesses, schools, religious groups, clubs, organizations, print shops and others for newsletters and mailings.  Simply insert the mail piece – from a single page tri-folded letter to multi-page booklets – into the Staplex Tabster® and it instantly applies the self-adhesive perfect tab around the edge.  Remove the mail piece and the Staplex Tabster® tabber machine electronically advances and is ready for the next mail piece!

Mail without envelopes!  The Staplex Tabster® saves the cost, mailing weight, stuffing and sealing time of using envelopes!  Now preparing mailings are faster and more economical – from your laser printer to the mail stream in minutes!  The Staplex TBS-1 and TBS-1.5 Tabsters tabber machine really are the perfect helper!