Address Printers

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AJ-500 We are an Authorized Dealer

FP AJ-500 is a fixed-head, entry-level inkjet address printer. They offer 1.5” of print area and a durable area and a durable feeding/transport design.

AJ-1000 We are an Authorized Dealer

The versatile FP AJ-1000 address printer has a feed system that has three rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for materials up to ¼” thick.

AJ-5000 We are an Authorized Dealer

The FP AJ-5000 is an entry-level inkjet address printer with the ability to print in brilliant, full-process color.

AJ-2650 and AJ-2800 We are an Authorized Dealer

Print graphics, logos, and barcodes at up to 600 dpi with the FP AJ-2650 a six-head address printer, and FP AJ-2800 envelope printer, an eight-head printer.

AJ-3600 and AJ-3800 We are an Authorized Dealer

These in-line FP vacuum address printers handle 3” or 4” of print in one pass. The six-head FP AJ-3600 with 3” print area, and eight-head FP AJ-3800 with 4” print area, easily handle up to 3/8” thickness at up to 36,000 pieces per hour.